What You Need for the Perfect Game Day

What You Need for the Perfect Game Day

What You Need for the Perfect Game Day

As the leaves begin to change, the weather becomes crisp, and the sun starts setting earlier, one thing can be certain… football season is upon us. There’s nothing like the feeling of excitement as you sit down to watch your favorite team. While Sundays spent at home are a great way to egg your team on from the comfort of your couch, nothing beats the energy that reverberates through a football stadium. Even attending your child’s football game at their local school or league has a different effect. The atmosphere is always exciting, and it provides the perfect opportunity for meeting new people and bonding over your love of the game. However, as temperatures continue to drop, don’t sacrifice comfort for entertainment. To help you get the most out of your football experience, whether it’s at a tailgate or in the stadium, here’s what you need for the perfect game day.

1. Comfortable Clothes That Rep Your Team

You can’t go cheer on your favorite team without any game day spirit! While jerseys and branded shirts are great, they often don’t provide enough coverage or warmth to keep you comfortable for the entire day. Plus, if the weather turns and gets windy or starts to rain, you’ll likely need to add on layers or use a poncho. To help you boast your team pride on game day, and every other day of the year, Pretty Rugged has rolled out new game day colors for our Pretty Puffer Vest. 

The unique design features a show-stopping collar and modern line that’s shorter in the front and longer in the back. This gives you plenty of coverage whether you’re sitting in the bleachers or walking through the stands. Thanks to the sleeveless design, you can still rep your favorite team branded long-sleeve shirts or jerseys while providing your core with plenty of extra warmth and comfort. 

2. Added Layers for Warmth

Make sure you check the weather before going to your game and prepare for unexpected drops in temperature! There’s nothing worse than having your day interrupted because you’re too cold or uncomfortable to enjoy yourself. Make sure that you’re wearing nice, warm socks and layer up underneath your Pretty Puffer Vest! We recommend starting with an undershirt, adding a thermal and a long sleeve, and topping with a Pretty Rugged Vest that represents your team’s colors for the best coverage and ongoing comfortability. If you get too warm, you can always take a layer off. You can even add a Luxe Reversible Scarf to really bring your look together and give yourself an added degree of warmth for those cold fall days. 

3. Accessories for Your Extremities

The team doesn’t let the weather get in the way, and we believe you shouldn’t either! So, make sure that you’re prepared for anything by bringing along plenty of accessories for your extremities. To match your Pretty Puffer Vest, wear a comfortable and warm hat that’s branded with your team’s logo. You should also make sure that you have something for your hands, just in case it gets too cold. 

For a truly comfortable game day experience, bring along one of the Long Lap Blankets from Pretty Rugged Gear. This blanket is big enough to wrap around your legs or share with another person while you’re cheering on your favorite team! It’s available in five vibrant colors to help you pull your team inspired look together. You can bring it with you to the field or stadium, as it comes with an easy to carry, portable, and waterproof duffle bag! Rain, wind, or chilly temperatures have met their match with this innovative blanket.

4. Your Favorite Snack or Beverage

The best way to start your game day is at a tailgate with friends. This means bringing all of your favorite snacks and drinks so you can get excited about the game together. Step up your beverage game with Pretty Rugged’s Wine Tote. It features luxurious faux fur in ten custom colors and is lined with our RuggedTex™ technology for long-lasting durability and use. This easy to transport tote gives you freedom and flexibility when transporting your beverages in style. After the tailgate, don’t forget to grab your game day inspired Puffer Bag when you’re heading into the stadium.

5. A Winning Attitude

Finally, you can’t get ready for game day without a winning attitude and plenty of team spirit! Play your favorite songs, listen to the pre-game radio show, and share team stats with your friends and family members. There’s nothing like feeling unbeatable as you walk into a game. Remember, regardless of the outcome, focus on having fun and spending quality time with your friends and family without sacrificing comfort.

When you want to rep your team’s vibrant colors while staying stylish, comfortable, and warm in the process, Pretty Rugged Gear has the perfect solution for you. Our Long Lap Blanket, Pretty Puffer Vest, and other outerwear gear perfectly complements your game day apparel. In fact, at Pretty Rugged, we believe that the best days are spent cheering on your favorite team with your favorite people! Wrap up, snuggle in, and cheer on your team with the accessories at Pretty Rugged Gear this season.

Using innovative technology and stylish designs, you won’t only stay warm, but you’ll also enjoy protection from dampness and wind a swell. Our Long Lap Blanket is a leading blanket with luxe faux fur on one side and waterproof, windproof, washable RuggedTex™ fabric on the other. Our Pretty Puffer Vest also boasts the RuggedTex™ fabric to keep you warm and dry year-round. Whether you’re tailgating in the chilly Fall air or out for brunch on a Spring day, show your pride with our new Game Day colors. To learn more about Game Day products, visit our newest page or contact one of our representatives for more information today.