Pretty Rugged as seen on ABC's Shark Tank

On October 21, 2022 Tracy Slocum, Founder & CEO of Pretty Rugged aired on Shark Tank. 

Pretty Rugged by Tracy Slocum on Shark Tank

"This is the moment. A moment of fear and excitement. A moment that terrified me and made me more proud than I've ever been. It's these moments where you put yourself out there that shape who you become. Even if it doesn't end the way you think or want it to, you did it. You put yourself out there and you became a stronger person because of it." 

Why do I need a waterproof blanket?

If you’ve ever sat outside somewhere and been cold and wet, then you get it! Think of that sporting event, boat ride, or a moment by your firepit when you wished you had a blanket with both warmth and function.

Our Founder couldn’t find that blanket anywhere, so she created one to keep you warm and dry; so, you can enjoy your time outdoors with the ones you love, the way you should! Luxury, redesigned.

And inside, have you ever sat on the couch and spilled water, wine or coffee on your blanket? Our TS Luxe Blanket with SatinTex™ technology has you covered. 

Made for life's little accidents

Our proprietary RuggedTex™ backing makes up the 'rugged' in Pretty Rugged. It's 100% waterproof to prevent life's little accidents from affecting you - whether it's spilled coffee, a wet seat, or rain, our RuggedTex™ wipes clean and keeps you dry. Our TS Luxe collection features our waterproof SatinTex™ backing, perfect for indoors.

Perfect size for couch surfing or stadium seating. Very warm and cozy!

Gina D.

Love this blanket, so soft and waterproof is a bonus for boating!!

Amy G.


We've spilled everything on our blankets - maple syrup, wine, coffee, mud, water, soup, the stomach bug (yes, we're not lying),
dog accidents (you know what we mean).

We only recommend washing whenreally  dirty, our RuggedTex™ and SatinTex™ backing can be wiped clean.

Our blankets are a part of our families lives and they're along for the ride. When they do need that deep clean, wash them by themselves on delicate and tumble dry low/no heat (no dryer balls).