6 Essentials to Bring When Attending a Hockey Game

6 Essentials to Bring When Attending a Hockey Game

Attending a hockey game isn't just about witnessing the thrilling action on the ice; it's also about embracing the energy and atmosphere in hockey arenas and supporting your team. Whether you're gearing up for a pro game with the NHL or heading to your child's local sports event, staying warm throughout the action is important. Many hockey enthusiasts have their backpacks ready, but if it's your first time, you may want to go through our checklist. To enhance your overall experience, consider the following essentials for any hockey rink adventure.

The Ultimate Guide to Ice Rink Accessories

If you need to purchase a ticket in advance, don't forget to take care of that! If you're attending a family-friendly game in your local arena, you probably won't need one, so just get there early to make sure you can get the seat you want. In both instances, the temperature inside the rink can be pretty low, so when you're not prepared, one game can feel like an eternity. The following items can make your time much more enjoyable regardless of where you're seated.

1. Plenty of Layers

What you wear to the hockey rink can make a huge difference in your comfort layers, so be sure you dress accordingly. Dressing in layers is the best way to stay comfortable throughout the game. Start with a thermal base layer that can help protect and insulate your core. Something with a moisture-wicking option can help you stay comfortable beneath the rest of your clothing. Next, add an insulating mid-layer with a sweater or thick shirt and top the outfit with a comfortable jacket or coat. This way, you can easily take off layers or add them back on if your temperature fluctuates throughout each period. For optimal comfort, Pretty Rugged is proud to offer Windproof and Waterproof Outerwear that can keep you cozy in any environment.

2. Team Jersey

A true fan will also wear a jersey of their favorite player. If you don't have a jersey, choose an outer layer with the same color as your home team. Get creative with showing your support, as this can make the energy of the occasion fun and captivating for everyone. Plus, it'll show your opponents what a strong fan zone you have! If you really want, make a sign cheering on the player you're there to support and have fun with it. Hockey games are always a good time, but the more energy you bring, the better.

3. Comfortable Shoes

Before leaving the house, check your shoes. Thin sneakers or flip-flops are not ideal for a hockey game and will leave you with cold feet and a lot of distractions. Try to avoid wearing shoes that show your skin, and make sure you find something that's easy to walk in, as you might have to traverse some stairs. Ideally, we recommend selecting thick wool socks and comfortable boots to insulate your toes and keep you comfortable.

4. Gloves and a Hat

To be completely prepared, make sure to bring along some winter accessories. This could include gloves, a hat, a scarf, a cap, or anything that helps keep you warm enough to focus on the puck. While hockey arenas are usually only about 60 degrees Fahrenheit, it can feel colder the closer you are to the ice. Plus, it's always better to be overprepared than underprepared. Pretty Rugged's Faux Fur Accessories are a great way to stay warm and stylish regardless of where you go.

5. A Warm Beverage

If you're attending your child's game, the arena guidelines are a little different than for the NHL. Oftentimes, you can bring in your own food or drinks to watch your kids play, so pack a thermos with a warm cup of hot chocolate or tea to sip on throughout the game. If you're attending a pro game, leave the drinks at home, as they'll be confiscated as soon as you go through security.

6. Pretty Rugged Blanket

To stay extra warm and comfortable, bring along a Pretty Rugged TS Luxe Blanket. This is an indoor blanket that's created with soft, buttery satin to keep you extra cozy during your next hockey game. If you're attending an outdoor game, opt for our Faux Fur and Waterproof Outdoor Blankets to keep you warm and protect you from the elements. Our proprietary technology creates a completely waterproof barrier, so water runs right off it. Both options make great accessories for the hockey arena!

Hockey games can last from two to three hours on average, depending on overtime and other aspects. To help you stay warm and comfortable from start to finish, Pretty Rugged has you covered. Our founder was committed to mixing innovative technology with comfortable accessories to create a blanket with optimal comfort, regardless of where you are. That’s why we created the world’s first blanket with luxe faux fur on one side and waterproof, windproof, washable RuggedTex® fabric on the other. The Pretty Rugged Waterproof Blanket is the definition of livable luxury and was made to help you make lasting memories without sacrificing comfort, performance, or style. Plus, it's perfect for hockey games—both local and pro. You can even bring it to other sports events, regardless of whether they're outside or indoors. To learn more about our waterproof blankets or any of our other products, visit our store today.