World Liberty TV’S Best of NY NOW Summer 2019 Products

World Liberty TV’S Best of NY NOW Summer 2019 Products

Reviews by our World Liberty TV Gift and Housewares Team

NY NOW is the largest wholesale trade show in America all under one roof, giving retailers, buying groups, interior design firms, importers, exporters and more, access to more than 2,300 leading brands in design, bringing more unique, never-before seen product to retailers than any other platform.

Held twice per year in February and August, NY NOW is where brands come to stand out and buyers come to set their business apart from the competition.

Our brands represent products across all categories across home and lifestyle, from gifts and fashion to furniture and kitchenware, with more than 400 of our companies featuring 100% handcrafted products of exceptional design from the U.S. makers and around the globe.

With eleven product categories organized into three collections, HOME, LIFESTYLE and HANDMADE, buyers of all types can discover the best products for their business with ease.

We have been covering The NY Now Winter and Summer editions for the past 8 years, and below we want to share which we thought were the best products, we saw at the NY Now Summer 2019:


Dr Abbey with Tracey Slocum Founder & President Pretty Rugged

Pretty Rugged Gear: In 1898, Joshua Slocum became the first person to sail around the world alone. He had a love of the water that would be ingrained in the Slocum family forever.

More than a century later, Slocum’s family can still be found spending much of their time on the water. It was here that Tracy Slocum, Joshua’s great-great granddaughter, would conceive idea for the Pretty Rugged blanket out of the need for a functional, yet aesthetic, way to keep warm in the open air. History was made again…

Many Pretty Rugged Gear Products

Tracy Slocum’s favorite activity has always been boating on Lake George, however, the chilly mornings and evenings coupled with mixed weather left her and her family cold and wet…That gave Tracy an idea—to create a rugged-yet-beautiful blanket that doubles as a fashionable wrap, offering boaters luxurious warmth and protection from the elements.

She drew inspiration from her great-great grandfather, Captain Joshua Slocum, who wrapped himself in fur to withstand inclement weather when he was the first person to sail around the world alone in the late 1800s.

Pretty Rugged Gear Blanket

Working with top fashion consultants, Tracy created the world’s first blanket with luxe faux fur on one side and waterproof, windproof, spill-proof Rugged Tex® fabric on the other. The Pretty Rugged Blanket is the perfect marriage of modern, easy-care materials, designed to provide years of luxury, performance and style.

Worlds Luxury Faux Fur Blankets

See Pretty Rugged Gears Many products they are selling on their website for Purchase  by clicking here.