9 Great Host Gifts When Traveling

9 Great Host Gifts When Traveling

If you’re planning an upcoming trip and staying with a friend or family member, a host or hostess gift can be a great way to thank them for their hospitality. Although it’s not obligatory, bringing along a small token of your appreciation goes a long way, and your host or hostess will love it—regardless of how simple or elaborate. Not sure what to bring? Consider one of these nine great host gifts.

1. Personalized Cutting Board and Wine Tote

Personalized host gifts always make people smile, so why not bring a nice cutting board engraved with your host or hostess’s initials? Depending on the style you choose, cutting boards can be both practical and decorative. They can be used as a serving tray, to arrange appetizers, or simply hung on a wall in the kitchen to complement the aesthetics. 

To make this host gift even better, pair it with a wine tote from Pretty Rugged. Our unique totes can help elevate the entertaining experience and are complete with RuggedTex™ waterproof lining. It’s a great way to show appreciation to your host and give them something they can continue using for years.

2. Charcuterie Set

Another great option for a host gift is a charcuterie set complete with a few cheese knives and some small signs. You may even choose to make it a full gift set with some selected cured meats, hard and soft cheeses, olives or pickled vegetables, dried fruits, nuts, and some crackers. Just make sure that you assemble it shortly before you arrive so it stays fresh!

3. Local Sweets or Chocolate

If your host or hostess is more into sweets and chocolate than cheese, stock up on some of your favorite local favorites before setting off on your journey. Head to your local candy shop or chocolate factory to get a few of your host’s favorite snacks.

4. Gift Baskets with Local Delicacies

To take the idea of local sweets or chocolates to the next level, turn it into a gift basket and add a few other items to fill it out. This could include local chips or popcorn, a favorite local drink, or other distinctive treats. Try to choose things they can’t find in their region or something from your culture that they may not have tried before. This is a great way to bring a little piece of your home into theirs when you’re traveling.

5. A Nice Bottle of Wine

If you’re in a time crunch and can’t seem to figure out what to bring, a nice bottle of wine is always a great option. A bottle of wine has been a traditional housewarming and host gift for years, and, as a bonus, it can be enjoyed together. Try to choose one of their favorite types of wine and splurge a little. Bringing over a cheap or very inexpensive bottle may have the opposite effect on showing your gratitude. Make it even more special, by gifting the wine in a Pretty Rugged wine tote.

6. Summer Grilling Essentials

To celebrate the summer during your travels this season, consider choosing a few summer grilling essentials to give as a host gift. This could include things like serving trays and cooking utensils, or even an apron and some nice tongs. There are plenty of great options for you to choose from and everyone could always use a few extra grilling accessories.

7. Soaps, Candles, or Tea

When visiting the hostess that loves relaxation and self-care, put together a small basket of assorted soaps, candles, and teas. These items will come in handy after you leave and will show your host that you appreciate the stress it takes to have visitors. Plus, soaps, candles, and teas last for a long time, so they’ll get to enjoy these gifts long after you’ve returned home.

8. Fresh Flowers

When all else fails, fresh flowers are a great last-minute host gift. They’ll help you bring a little color into your friend or family member’s home and add a lasting fragrance that will help calm the chaos of having company over. If you want to make your gift even more meaningful, consider choosing flowers and colors based on their meaning and add a little card alongside it. You can also bring them in a vase for your host or hostess to keep.

9. Personalized Pretty Rugged Blankets

If you really want to show your host or hostess appreciation, get them a personalized Pretty Rugged blanket. Our award-winning faux fur and waterproof outdoor blankets provide plenty of comfort to be enjoyed year-round. We carry blankets in a variety of sizes and colors, so you’ll find something that perfectly accompanies your host’s needs—we even carry baby blankets! Pretty Rugged also has some great TS luxe blankets that are designed for indoor use, so your friend or family can cozy up on the couch after a long day of hosting. 

At Pretty Rugged, we carry a large variety of luxurious faux fur and waterproof blankets that will make any host or hostess smile. Many of our products can also be personalized at checkout, making them the perfect way to show your appreciation. 

Thanks to our innovative technology—RuggedTex and SatinTex™—all of our blankets are waterproof, windproof, and washable with a silky smooth interior. To learn more about our waterproof blankets, personalization services, or any of our other outerwear products, shop us online.