Bringing Baby Home: 10 Essentials to Have on Hand

Bringing Baby Home: 10 Essentials to Have on Hand

As a new parent, the thought of bringing your baby home fills your heart (and head) with a plethora of emotions. Growing your family is always an exciting transition, but it’s okay to feel a little stressed or anxious as well. A newborn takes a lot of work, and your life will likely change forever. However, as any new parent will tell you, it’s all worth it. To help you prepare, here are ten essentials to have on hand when bringing your baby home.

1. Car Seat

One of the most important things you’ll need to get when bringing your baby home is a car seat. In fact, the hospital won’t let you take your baby home without one—it’s the law! So, make sure you do a little research, find a car seat that works best for you, and install it into your backseat well before your due date. You can get your car seat checked to make sure it’s installed safely and correctly. Find a local technician here.

2. Plenty of Diapers

Newborns can go through as many as ten diapers a day during the first few weeks of their life, so make sure you’re stocked up in advance. However, don’t buy too many of the smallest size, as your baby will grow pretty quickly. Instead, get a few of each so that you have them easily accessible as your baby goes through growth spurts.

3. Bathing Supplies

Since bathing your newborn requires special care until their umbilical cord falls off, you’ll want to have some accessories to make the process easier. One of the most useful options is a plastic baby tub. Although the sink is an acceptable option, many new parents enjoy the tub because it’s a little bit safer for bath time. Also, have some baby washcloths on hand in addition to hooded towels and baby-safe bath products (i.e., soap, shampoo, lotion).

4. Baby Clothes

Baby clothes have gotten increasingly cuter over the years, and if you want to dress up your new little one, go for it! However, newborns grow pretty quickly and can be a little messy, so onesies are also a great option during the first few months of life. Make sure that you get a few short- and long-sleeved onesies, socks or booties, scratch mittens, nightgowns that won’t disturb the umbilical cord, one-piece sleepers, and a few outfits for special occasions.

5. Crib or Bassinet

Another key essential for when it’s time to bring home your newborn is a crib or bassinet. Make sure that you choose something that’s safe and doesn’t have any recalls on them. You should also avoid including any fluffy blankets, bedding, or stuffed animals, as these increase the risk of suffocation. Instead, stick to fitted crib sheets with a properly sized crib mattress.

6. Stroller

Getting a sturdy stroller before your due date will also give you the chance to set it up and familiarize yourself with it. Plus, having a stroller during the first few weeks of your newborn’s life will give you the chance to get out of the house and enjoy the fresh air. Regardless of if that means taking a walk around the neighborhood or heading to the store, strollers can make things a lot easier. If you want to be completely hands-free, you can also get some supplies to try baby-wearing.

7. Babyproofing Gear

Although you won’t really need to baby-proof your house until your little one is mobile, it’s nice to have things on hand ahead of time. Some of the best options for baby-proofing gear include door stoppers, cabinet and drawer locks, baby gates, outlet covers, toilet locks, and more. Get what you think you’ll need and learn how to use them before your baby comes so you can take your time and ensure things are installed correctly.

8. Medical Care Essentials

You’ll be spending a lot of time with your baby’s pediatrician, but it’s still nice to have a couple of essentials at home—just in case. A few of the most common medical supplies to have for babies include a bulb syringe, baby scissors or nail clippers, an eyedropper, and a baby thermometer.

9. Feeding Supplies

Even if you’re going to breastfeed, having some feeding supplies available can make things a lot easier. A breast pump allows you to feed your baby breast milk regardless of where you are, so BPA-free bottles, nipples, and nursing bras are all great accessories to have. If you’re not going to breastfeed, having a good formula on hand is recommended before bringing your baby home.

10. Soft Baby Blankets

Finally, make sure that your baby is welcomed home with comfort by getting one or two soft baby blankets. Burp clothes are great, but something that’s soft, comforting, and can continue to be used as your baby grows will make a lasting impression. You can use your baby blankets while you go on walks, when you’re at the park, or even just when you’re hanging out in your living room for some tummy time. 

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