Elevated Apartment Luxury Items For Your Smaller Space

Elevated Apartment Luxury Items For Your Smaller Space

Around last year, I moved into a new apartment. I lamented over the costs of first, last, and security deposits, I scavenged on Facebook Marketplace and Buy Nothing groups for pre-loved furniture at a discount, and I put my blood, sweat, and tears into this place. And finally, after a year of scrounging and saving even the most minimal of amounts, I felt that I could finally splurge on some key pieces.

Living in this apartment made me realize that some items can elevate your space and make your home feel like a hotel…and others can just sit collecting dust, taking up what minimal space you already have. (For me, it’s a towel warmer that smells up my bathroom every time we turn it on.)

Pretty Rugged

Whether you’re having guests, or just chilling on your couch, you absolutely need a good blanket. When I find myself marinating on my couch like Grandpa Joe from Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, I am swaddled in a fur blanket eating snacks all day.

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