The Book Lover's Gift Guide

The Book Lover's Gift Guide

Dear Reader:

As someone who cohabitates with over 2,000 books, I feel extremely qualified to wax poetic about the best gifts for book lovers. There’s a lot of overlap between those who love to eat and those who love to read: both are deeply sensory experiences that appeal to people with a strong sense of curiosity and adventure. And while the bookworm in your life is never going to say no to something like a Barnes & Noble gift card, maybe you don’t know their reading tastes as well as you think you do. Or maybe, inconceivably, they already have “too many” books.

What I’m trying to say is this: book people don’t just want things to read, they also want things to enhance their reading experience. There’s a wide range of gift ideas that could fall into this category. You could get them a book light, for example, because they probably spent a good portion of their childhood reading under the covers after bedtime, or a tin of luxury tea inspired by their favorite cozy mystery series.

When in doubt, ask yourself: would this item feel at home in the crumbling Victorian library they wish they lived in? If not, choose one of these bibliophile-approved gift ideas instead.

A Comfy, Cozy Blanket

What’s better than reading a book? Reading a book under a blanket. And while there are many blankets to choose from, I have personally spent countless hours under all three of these blankets, and can confirm that they’re the only ones you need. If you want classic library vibes, go for a Pendleton or a Chappy Wrap. The weighted, chunky-knit Nuzzie is perfect for falling asleep in the middle of your “last chapter,” while Pretty Rugged’s faux-fur blanket is extremely cozy and water-resistant, so you won’t have to worry if a plot twist makes you spill your tea.


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