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    “The days pass happily wherever my ship sails.”

    In 1898, Joshua Slocum became the first person to sail around the world alone. He had a love of the water that would be ingrained in the Slocum family forever.

    More than a century later, Slocum’s family can still be found spending much of their time on the water. It was here that Tracy Slocum, Joshua’s great-great granddaughter, would conceive idea for the Pretty Rugged blanket out of the need for a functional, yet aesthetic, way to keep warm in the open air.

    History was made again...

    The Pretty Rugged Brand

    The best ideas often come from a need and from drawing upon the past, this could not be more the case for the Pretty Rugged brand.

    Tracy Slocum’s favorite activity has always been boating on Lake George, however, the chilly mornings and evenings coupled with mixed weather left her and her family cold and wet...That gave Tracy an idea—to create a rugged-yet-beautiful blanket that doubles as a fashionable wrap, offering boaters luxurious warmth and protection from the elements. She drew inspiration from her great-great grandfather, Captain Joshua Slocum, who wrapped himself in fur to withstand inclement weather when he was the first person to sail around the world alone in the late 1800s.

    Working with top fashion consultants, Tracy created the world’s first blanket with luxe faux fur on one side and waterproof, windproof, spill-proof RuggedTex® fabric on the other. The Pretty Rugged Blanket is the perfect marriage of modern, easy-care materials, designed to provide years of luxury, performance and style.

    It became clear that this special blanket wasn’t just for boaters. With its many uses, including taking the chill out of sitting on metal bleachers to watch her son’s high school football games, it was great for picnics, tailgating, après-ski and so much more. The brand boasts a luxe blanket line with more products coming soon.

    The Pretty Rugged Americana Ribbon Embellishment

    “Pretty Rugged is an example of what I think of when I think of the words The American Dream. I grew up keeping journals of ideas and inventions - truly believing that one day one of them would ‘sail’. Forever inspired by my great-great grandfather’s travels and amazing accomplishments, I wanted to make my own ‘wake’ and each idea that didn’t happen or wouldn’t work brought me closer to the next and now here - to my creation inspired by my pretty rugged history.

    The first Pretty Rugged product was born from a simple idea I had in a very special place we call home each summer. I wanted a blanket that was beautiful and functional, I couldn’t find one to buy, so I made one. I quickly realized that this was the idea I had been waiting for and this was now MY time, and timing is everything in life..
    Pretty Rugged is not just a brand it is a feeling. Looking back, the blanket is a natural first product for so many blankets provide warmth, comfort, calming weight and protection - all things I have needed more often than not. When you feel and use the blankets it is clear they were made with great fortitude - as if the Slocum heritage is truly sewn into each one - a heritage so deeply entwined with The American Dream you can actually touch it.

    Success is one of those words that means something different to almost everyone. Every time I see our red, white and blue ribbon I beam with pride - it’s a symbol of my success and a tribute to every pretty rugged person out there living their version of The American Dream.”